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COVID-19 Info

The past few days have been a learning experience for us as we have been figuring out how to use technology for online worship. As we have learned more, we feel it wise to change our plan. We will no longer be attempting to stream a live service.

Instead, we'll be posting to our website a modified order of service that you can use for a worship at home with your family, or in small groups (of ten or fewer). This will include a pre-recorded sermon, along with songs you can sing or listen to, responsive prayers and Scripture readings to work through together, and prayer concerns. We are excited about this format, which gives you more opportunity to engage with God together rather than simply watching content that we produce. 

We would encourage you to work through the service at the regularly scheduled time of 10:00 am. However, it will be available by Saturday evening and can be used at any time. You do not have to tune in at 10:00 am Sunday morning. Once the link is available, we will post it on our church Facebook page and send a link by email.

As opinions and responses regarding COVID-19 vary, we anticipate that some of you will prefer to stay home and work through it individually or with you family, and that's fine too. If you do host a gathering, please be aware of the recommended social distancing practices and maintain them to the best of your ability as you meet. And if you are sick, stay home!

Thanks for your patience as we adjust.  We are having to flex sets of muscles we don't normally use. But we pray that God uses the trial to help us grow stronger.