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Gospel Shaped Outreach


Many Christians are Nervous about telling someone else about Jesus. We prefer to leave it to the preacher, or to those we see as particularly gifted for evangelism in our congregations. But all believers are called to make disciples.

We won't be offering a quick fix or series of evangelism "gimmicks." But by thinking clearly about the gospel, we will find the proper motivation to work together as a church to share the gospel message with those who are lost without Christ.

This study will include a sermon series, Sunday School learning, and daily devotionals. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a new summer small group during the study. The Q & A helps explain what these groups are and how they work.

 What are these groups?

These are new small groups that will meet July and August to pray for and encourage each other.

When will the groups meet?

Each individual group will decide when and where to meet, as well as how to handle logistics like childcare and meals.

How often will the groups meet?

We are asking each group to meet once a week during this study (July and August).

What if I’ll be on vacation or can’t make it every week?

Perfect attendance is not required! We fully expect most folks to miss a week or two for vacation. Please don’t let that stop you from participating.


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