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"Nothing But The Blood"

"Nothing But The Blood" by Matt Redman, released on Facedown (2004)


Why I recommend this song for worship-

Matt Redman is one of my favorite worship artists. I really enjoy a lot of his music. Songs like Blessed Be Your Name, Let Everything That Has Breath, Holy, and The Heart of Worship are just a few of his songs we consistently sing in our ministry. He has a way of combining deep theology with affectionate melodies, and this song is no exception. The chorus shares a lot of lyrics with the traditional hymn Nothing But the Blood of Jesus. However, the verses answer the question of why all we need is the blood of Christ. The imagery of Christ's righteousness speaking for us, testifying of grace, and enabling our bold approach to the Father's throne is just one example. The melody matches the depth of the words and enables us to sing with reverence and awe regarding Christ's sacrifice.

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