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Book Nook

Book Nook


Our Book Nook is a small, non-profit book "store" that provides resources to help you grow in reading, understanding, and living out God's Word. We keep it stocked with Christian books that we recommend, frequently at a reduced cost compared to most online retailers.

How do I pay? Just find the envelope inside your book, put the payment inside, and put it in the drop box at the Book Nook.

What if I don't have exact change? If you trust yourself to remember, you could take the book and just drop off payment next Sunday. Or, you could donate the change--put in what you have, and any extra will help us to continue stocking the Book Nook.

What if I can't pay? We want you to have access to helpful resources whether you can afford it or not--we're not in this to make money. If you find a book that would be helpful for you or someone you know, but you can't afford it, just put what you're able to pay in the envelope. If you honestly cannot pay anything, please take the book anyway--it's on us. Just put the envelope in the box so that we can keep track of our inventory.