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We are located just a block west of the square in downtown Charleston. We take up the block between 4th and 5th streets, and between Jackson and Monroe avenues. Please contact us if you need more detailed directions, or click on the map below.


On Sunday mornings, both sides of the parking lot to the north of our building are available  The east side of the lot says "Reserved," but anyone can park in those spaces on Sunday mornings. There is also street parking along Jackson Avenue to the south.


On Sunday mornings, we have free valet parking available for anyone with accessibility concerns.  Just park your car in the drop-off area (on the east side of the building, off of 5th Street) and hand your keys to one of the valets who will be waiting just inside the door.  They will gladly park your car for you and return your keys.  (No, you don't need to tip them).

(We also have a ramp that can be accessed from the north parking lot, but some people with accessibility concerns may find that it is too steep for their needs.)